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Creative Multifunctional Anime Figure-01

Creative Multifunctional Anime Figure-01

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The real-life 1:1 nami sex doll designed by loribear has been launched, please go and watch it.

ONE PIECE(ワンピース)title: nami

Is this a handicraft? Yes, you and your friends can both think so.. . . . . .
***This is customized for nami fans, if you like nami too, please take her home, she can realize your fantasy and wrap your brother gently.
***If you are not her fan, please don't possess her.
***About the material: the face and a small part of the hand are made of high-grade PU and GK technology, the body is all silicone, the hair is imported soft rubber, the built-in metal skeleton, the upper body does not move, the posture is fixed, the angle below the thigh can be adjusted appropriately, and it is convenient to use

The owner is an anime lover, and his dream is to bring anime personnel to real life. . . . .
A realization of one by one that he is working on.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome doll to have! A few notes though...

Very fun doll! Able to put her in some good positions since her legs can be adjusted. But she's best used from behind.

Both holes feel quite good, provided clothing looks great on her, and she's not difficult to clean if prepared.

Just a few notes:
1. I would have loved the ability to move her arms, if only a little bit.
2. Limited head movement due to her hair was also noticeable.
3. Feet have no skeleton in them, so they move freely. Just a heads-up

Overall, I'd definitely recommend if you like Nami and want to enjoy how her doll feels!