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Shiraki meiko figure anime sex doll

Shiraki meiko figure anime sex doll

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About Meiko Shiraki


Meiko Shiraki, also known by her Japanese name Shiraki Meiko, is one of the main female characters in the manga and anime adaptation of "Prison School". During her childhood, she was good friends with Mari Kurihara. However, she became extremely self-conscious about her chest after being mocked by Kate in elementary school. She regained her confidence and became friends with Mari again after Mari helped her through her insecurities.


Meiko Shiraki is the Vice-President of the Aboveground Student Council and a typical Dominatix. She is often seen wearing a tight-fitting school uniform, a whip, and black high-heeled boots. She serves as a guard for characters like Kiyoshi and has a lot of screen time. She is considered to be the biggest fan service character in the manga, with an impressive figure and great physical strength. She can even do fifty pull-ups with just her fingers. She also has well-developed sweat glands and often sweats profusely, which can be very alluring to some readers. Despite her intimidating exterior, the male protagonists seem to enjoy being punished by her.


Later on, due to the circumstances of the Aboveground Student Council, Meiko Shiraki's personality reverts to that of her elementary school self, becoming very weak-willed. This causes a certain masochistic character to lose interest, leading to a significant drop in the M market. This also motivates Mari Kuriharato plan a prison break.

meiko shiraki

Meiko Shiraki Figure


The Meiko Shiraki Figure is an NSFW adult figure and anime sex doll. It is an original design based on the appearance of Meiko Shiraki, with a male masturbator function.


To the casual observer, the figure appears to be a finely crafted collectible model, with intricately sculpted features using GK technology. There is no need to worry about it being discovered as a sex toy. The realistic vagina allows for a lifelike experience, making the user feel as if they are having sex with a real woman.


Aside from its original design, the Meiko Shiraki Figure has the advantage of being highly posable. The head, arms, and legs can be freely moved, allowing the user to customize their display to their preference.


The Meiko Shiraki Figure is made from high-quality materials, with a realistic bone structure and soft, flexible skin that feels like human skin. Its anatomically accurate figure and realistic vagina make it highly appealing, providing an unparalleled experience that can lead to exciting sexual climax.


The body is made of high-grade silicone, with a jelly-like texture for the breasts that feels like real breasts. The figure also features a metal skeleton, enabling it to move and hold various poses. We offer a set of customizable clothing and stockings, just like in the photos.



Detailed size:Bust 43CM, shoulder width 14.5CM, hand length 28cm, foot length 39CM, waist circumference 22CM, hip circumference 40CM, sole length 9CM

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