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Goblin Hentai figures Queen Pharnelis

Goblin Hentai figures Queen Pharnelis

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Aluring queen pharnelis imprisoned by goblins

The hentai figures queen pharnelis's body is made of high-quality, non-toxic, and harmless silicone, with a beautifully designed, sexy, and aesthetically pleasing figure that feels amazing to the touch. It exudes an irresistible charm, and I believe that most men will have a physiological reaction just by looking at it. The simulated veins implanted beneath the skin add to the realism and impact.

goblin cave hentai

It's also a mini sex doll, The latest upgraded metal steel skeleton inside the body allows for all joints to move, so you can pose the figurine in any position you desire.

queen pharnelis

The realistic vagina, made of soft silicone, simulates the internal structure of a real human, and is tight and soft when inserted. Will you allow the goblins to penetrate her, or will you watch as they do so in shocking realism?

goblin slayer sex scenes

Aluring queen pharnelis imprisoned by goblins (Beauty and the Beast)
Size Details: Unit (cm)
Height about: 65CM
Bust: 46CM
Neck: 9CM
Shoulder width: 12CM
Hand length: 26CM
The thinnest part of the wrist circumference: 5CM
Foot length: 37CM
Waist: 19CM
Hips: 34CM
The thinnest part of the calf circumference: 9CM
Middle thigh circumference: 17CM
The thickest thigh circumference: 19 CM
Plantar length: 8CM
Plantar Width: 2.8 cm
Queen's total weight: 2760 grams (about 2.76KG)
Product material: the hair is made of imported soft rubber, the face is made of imported PU material, the body is made of platinum silicone, the chest is extremely soft and comfortable, and the jelly chest has a built-in metal gear joint skeleton, which can be freely posed and has great playability. insert!

Note: The product does not include goblin figurines, if you need goblin, please purchase it in the accessories link.

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